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SAP PS Transactions


Below is a complete list of most important transaction codes which you will be using in the Project System module :



Standard Structures transaction codes:


  • CJ91, CJ92, CJ93: Create, Change, Display Standard WBS structure

  • CN01, CN02, CN03: Create, Change, Display Standard Network

  • CN11, CN12, CN13: Create, Change, Display Standard Milestone

  • CU41, CU42, CU43: Create, Change, Display Standard Network Configuration Profile

  • CN61: Display change documents: For Standard Network


Project Structures transaction codes:


  • CJ20N: Project Builder

  • CJ01, CJ02, CJ03: Create, Change, Display Project

  • CJ11, CJ12, CJ13: Create, Change, Display WBS Element

  • CJ2D, CJ20, CJ2A: Created, Change, Display Project (Structure Planning)

  • CN21, CN22, CN23: Create, Change, Display Network

  • CN60: Display change documents: For Project/Network


Work Center Transaction Codes


  • CNR1, CNR2, CNR3: Work Center: Create, Change, Display Master Record

  • CR01, CR02, CR03: Create, Change, Display Capacity (Work Center)

  • CR21, CR22, CR23: Create, Change, Display Hierarchy (Work Center)

  • CM01: Capacity Planning (Work Center View)


Documents Center Transaction Codes


  • CN04: Edit Project Texts

  • CN05: Display Project Texts


Dates in project Transaction codes


  • CJ2C, CJ2B: Display, Change project : Project Planning Board

  • CJ21, CJ22: Change, Display Time Scheduling: Basic Dates

  • CJ23, CJ24: Change, Display Time Scheduling: Forecast Dates

  • CJ29: Project Scheduling


Planning Transaction codes:


  • CJ40, CJ41: Change, Display Cost Planning

  • CJ42, CJ43: Change, Display Revenue Planning

  • CJR2, CJR3: Change, Display Cost Element/Activiy Planning

  • CJS2, CJS3: Change, Display Statistical Key Figure Planning (WBS Elements)

  • CJK2, CJK3: Change , Display Statistical Key Figure Planning (Networks)


Project BudgetingTransaction codes:


  • CJ30, CJ31: Create, Display Original Budget

  • CJ36: Post Budget Supplement

  • CJ37: Change Budget Supplement

  • CJ35: Post Budget Return

  • CJ38: Change Budget return

  • CJBV: Budget: Activate Availability Control

  • CJBW: Budget: Deactivate Availability Control


Confirmations Transaction codes


  • CN25, CN28, CN29: Create, Display, Cancel network confirmation

  • CN27: Collective Confirmation Processing

  • CAT2: Timesheet: Enter Times

  • CAT3: Timesheet: Display Times


Revenues and earnings Transaction codes


  • DP90: Resource-Related Billing Doc. (CS)

  • DP91: Resource-Related Billing Doc. (SD)

  • DP81: Sales pricing

  • DP82: sales pricing Project


Progress  Analysis Transaction codes


  • CNE1: Progress determination (Inidividual processing)

  • CNE2: Progress determination (Collective processing)

  • CNE5: Progress analysis

  • CNPAWB: Progress Analysis Workbench

  • COMPXPD: Progress Tracking for Components


Period End Closing Transaction codes


  • CJB2: Generate Settlement Rules

  • CJ44: Actual Overhead Calculation: Individual Processing

  • CJ45: Actual Overhead Calculation: Collective Processing

  • CJ88: Actual Settlement (Project, WBS Element, Network)

  • CJ8G: Actual Settlement (Project, WBS Element, Network) - Collective Processing


Structure Reporting Transaction codes


  • CN41, CN41N: Project Structure Overview

  • CN42N: Project Definitions

  • CN43N: WBS Elements

  • CN46N: Networks

  • CN47N: Activities

  • CN48: Confirmations

  • CN52: Components

  • CN53, CN53N: Milestones


Line item Repors Transaction codes


  • CJI3: Actual Costs/Revenues

  • CJI4: Planned Costs/Revenues

  • CJI5: Commitments


Financial Reporting Transaction codes


  • S_ALR_87013531: Costs/Revenues/Expenditures/Receipts

  • S_ALR_87013532: Plan/Actual/Variance (Plan Based - Hierarchical)

  • S_ALR_87013533: Plan/Actual/Commitment/Rem.Plan/Assigned (Plan Based - Hierarchical)

  • S_ALR_87013542: Actual/Commitment/Total/Plan in CO Area Currency (Plan Based - By Cost Element)

  • S_ALR_87013543: Actual/Plan/Variance Absolute/Variance % (Plan Based - By Cost Element)

  • S_ALR_87013544: Actual/Plan Comparison: Periods (Plan Based - By Cost Element)

  • S_ALR_87013557: Budget/Actual/Variance (Budget related)

  • S_ALR_87013558: Budget/Actual/Commitment/Rem Plan/Assigned (Budget related)

  • S_ALR_87013562: Annual Overview (Revenues - Hierarchical)

  • S_ALR_87013564:  Plan/Actual/Variance (Revenues - Hierarchical)

  • S_ALR_87013570: Act/Plan/Variance Abs./ % Var. (Revenues - By Cost Element)

  • S_ALR_87013571:  Actual/Plan Comparison: Periods (Revenues - By Cost Element

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