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Budgeting projects in SAP PS


In SAP Project System, Budgeting enables the monitoring of assigned funds and prevent budget overruns.

The approved cost structure for executing a project is documented by distributing the budget to the WBS elements of this project. This typically occurs during the approval phase which means before the effective start of the project execution phase.

Project reporting in SAP PS allows for the evaluation of the budget values together with the planned and actual costs.

Budgets can only be assigned to WBS elements in the PS module. Networks cannot be budgeted but costs assigned to these networks or network activities are however consider during the availability control.

Budgeting functions in SAP :

  1. Original Budget :

    An original budget can be maintained for a project in SAP PS via the appropriate budget transaction (see PS transactions section). A budget can be defined as an overall budget or distributed by year. This can be configured int the budget profile.

  2. Budget Updates : 


  3. Budget Release :


  4. Budget Carry-forward :


  5. Availability Control :

Integration with Investment Management :

A billing plan is used to plan the dates on which payment requests or invoices affecting sales are sent to customers.

Planned revenues are recorded in the revenue element that has been defined in the planning profile.

Integration with SAP Portfolio and Project Management (SAP PPM)  :

This is a PS functionality that enables the determination of the price for work to be performed during the project. It is based on the project planning data.

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