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Revenue Planning


Manual revenue planning :

The following forms of manual revenue planning are available in Project System :

  1. Hierarchical revenue planning :

    This type of planning enables revenue to be planned by WBS 
    billing element and year. A distribution of revenues to individual periods for a fiscal year is not possible in this type of revenue planning.

  2. Detailed revenue planning : 

This type of revenue planning enables revenue planning by revenue element for each WBS billing element. Revenue values are assigned to a period within a fiscal year. Values can be entered for each period for each fiscal year or on annual basis and distributed to the appropriate fiscal year periods.

Billing plan :

A billing plan is used to plan the dates on which payment requests or invoices affecting sales are sent to customers.

Planned revenues are recorded in the revenue element that has been defined in the planning profile.

Billing plans for WBS elements can be assigned to billing elements of a project in every processing transaction of work breakdown structures. They can also be implemented in simulation versions.

Billing plans can also be created in the Sales and Distribution module for customer quotations or sales order items.

Planned data of the billing plan is automatically updated to revenue planning of the assigned WBS billing element. This is possible by enabling the update of data from quotations or orders in the planning profile of the project.

Sales pricing :

This is a PS functionality that enables the determination of the price for work to be performed during the project. It is based on the project planning data.

Sales pricing data can be stored as an SD quotation or transferred to a billing plan in the project.

If required, multiple quotation can be created based on sales pricing.

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