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SAP PS Structures


Before being able to use SAP Project Systems functionalities, coherent and appropriate structures have first to be built in the system. These will constitute de basis for Planning and analyzing all Project relevant data in SAP.


SAP Project System provides two type of structures:


  • WBS (Work Breakdown Structures)

  • Networks

Each of these two structures provides its own set of functionalities and depending on your business specific requirements you will be able to determine whether you need a WBS Structure, a Network Structure of Both.

The list below provides some important functionalities available when using a Work Breakdown Structure:


  • Cost Planning

  • Account assignment of documents

  • Revenue Planning

  • Invoicing

  • Budgeting and budget availability control

  • Material stock management

  • Period end closing activities (e.g. Settlement of project costs)

  • Reporting (e.g. Cost reporting, structure reporting)


Network structures provide functionalities such as:


  • Scheduling

  • Capacity planning

  • Confirmation of project activities

  • Material requirement planning

  • Material procurement and delivery

  • External procurement of services

  • Network costing

  • Period end closing activities (e.g. Settlement of network costs)


Based on my experience, there are multiple ways of structuring a project and it all comes down to your business requirements. Defining the project structure in SAP PS is one the most important steps in setting up the PS module as everything will depend on this structure, so this is something that should be carefully analyzed during the Blueprint phase.

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