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Material Planning


Material assignment  :

Materials can be assigned to a project in SAP PS is the following ways :

  1. Manual assignment :

    Manual assignment of material components to network activities via network maintenance transactions such as CN22 or CJ20N (Project Builder).


  2. BOM transfer :

    WBS BOMs can be created based on material BOMs and transferred to projects using the BOM transfer transaction.
    The logical link between a BOM component and a network activity is called a "reference point". This is used to ensure the correct automatic assignment of a material component to the corresponding network activity.


  3. From the Internet Catalog :

    The OCI Interface can be used for manual assignment of material components. The tabular overview of the material components of an activity is used to call an external catalog for selecting the materials.
    This catalog can be company based (Intranet) or vendor based (via Internet).

Project stock :

Usage of project stock can be defined in the project profile and changed on the project definition level before initial save.


Project Stock is a special stock segment assigned to a WBS element where inventory is kept separate from other stock segments, similar to blocked stock and unrestricted stock. Plant Stock is inventory that is not assigned to a WBS stock segment and can be used by any order.

Tree options are available for project stock :

  1. No Project Stock :

    In this case, no
    individual stock segments are created for that particular project.
    Materials are stored in the Plant stock.


  2. Non-Valuated project stock :

    When using non-valuated project stock, a separate stock segment is created for one or more WBS elements for that project. Material movements referencing a non-valuated project stock are not valuated. This means that no actual costs are posted on the network activity and no posting are made in financial accounting.
    Non-Valuated project stock is immediately charged to the WBS at Good Receipt. Only the quantity is held in inventory without value. When Non-Valuated Project Stock is moved only the quantity is moved, the value has already been posted to the WBS.


  3. Valuated project stock :

    Valuated project stock is also held in separate stock segments as is the case for non-valuated project stock. The difference here is that this stock is held both in quantity and value. Stock is held in inventory on the Balance Sheet. When Valuated Project Stock is moved it's value moves with it.


Requirements grouping :

There are various ways of grouping requirements :

  • Group requirements within a project (The easiest way is "Automatic requirements grouping").

  • Group requirements from various projects in one or more projects.

  • Group all components of a WBS element in one WBS element. Components are assigned to activities, which are then assigned to WBS elements and then grouped.

  • Group the components of a WBS element to various WBS elements according to the MRP group of the components.

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