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The SAP System


SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in data processing) is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software developed by SAP SE, a German company that makes enterprise software.


So, what’s an ERP?


An ERP is a business management software helping an organization in managing all its business processes in one integrated software. An ERP is a set of integrated applications sharing the same database. All components of an ERP system are integrated with each another. This provides the management of a company with a clear and coherent view of all business activities at any given time.


Below are some business activities covered by an ERP system :

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Product planning

  • Project management

  • Manufacturing

  • Service delivery

  • Billing

  • Inventory management

  • Shipping and payment

  • Finance and Controlling


SAP's history

Image by Erik Eastman
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