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SAP Modules List


The SAP System is made of a set of modules.


Each module represents a separate business application managing a specific

business activity.


Below is the list of the most common SAP modules and a brief description :



FI - Financial Accounting


The FI module is the SAP component that handles the financial accounting


This module is very important as it provides a company with the tools

to support its financial processes.


FI mainly deals with AR (Accounts Receivable), AP (Accounts Payable), Financial statements, General ledger, Tax accounting, Bank accounting and Asset accounting.



CO - Controlling


The CO module is another important module of SAP. This module supports processes such as planning, monitoring and reporting of costs.
It provides master data such cost elements, cost centers, internal orders and profit centers. These data components are widely used by companies running SAP.



MM - Material Management


MM is another very important module in SAP. It supports the procurement and inventory processes of a company such as the purchasing of material, material storage and inventory and goods receiving.



SD - Sales and Distribution


The SD module covers the business process starting at order initiation and finishing with the fulfillment of the order. It supports activities such as pre-sale, receiving customer sales orders, delivering the goods and services and Billing the customer.



PP - Production Planning


PP covers all business processes related to production and production planning, this includes manufacturing processes, production planning, Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Capacity requirement planning.



PM - Plant Maintenance


The PM module provides the tools to support all maintenance activities that are performed within a company including activities such as inspection, equipment maintenance, scheduling of maintenance activities, repair as well as preventive maintenance.



CS - Customer Service


CS is a module that offers functionality based on a high integration between the PM and the SD module. It offers a solution that covers processes such as Pre-sales, delivery of services and other scenarios such as warranty claim processing.



PS - Project System


SAP PS (Project System) is an integrated project management tool used for planning and managing projects. This SAP module supports the entire project lifecycle from planning to invoicing.


For detailed information regarding SAP PS, please click here



IM - Investment Mangement


IM is an SAP module that covers the processes related to investment planning and financial investment made by a company. This includes processes such as capital investments, Investments in research and development and investments in maintenance programs.



QM - Quality Management


QM is the SAP's module that handles the Quality management processes of a company.


Quality assurance is very important in certain industries and the QM module provides the tools to perform and document the inspecting of incoming materials as they arrive at the warehouse, checking the quality during manufacturing process as well as for finished goods.



HCM - Human Capital Management


HCM also known as SAP HR is SAP's component for managing the people inside an organization, it provides the HR department with functionalities covering the processes from hiring an employee to it's final termination.


It covers areas such as Organizational management, Recruitment management, payroll, career planing & development and travel management.


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