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SAP PS Tables



In this section following topics are adressed :




Core SAP PS tables


PROJ: Project definitions

PROJS: Standard Project Definition

PRPS: WBS Elements

PRPSS: Standard WBS Element

PRHI: Work Breakdown Structure, Edges (Hierarchy Pointer)

AUFK / CAUFV: Network headers

AFKO: Order master data

AFVC: Network Operations

AFRU: Network Confirmations

SAP PS tables

Download PDF version here

User and System statuses

User/System status tables and integration with SAP PS


JEST: Individual Object Status

JSTO: Status object information

JCDS: Change Documents for System/User Statuses (Table JEST)

TJ02/TJ02T: System status texts

TJ30/TJ30T: Texts for User Status

Download PDF version here

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