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Cost Planning


Costs can be planned for a project in SAP PS using two techniques :


  1. Manual cost planning in the WBS (4 methods) :

    - Overall planning where you enter costs for each WBS element manually. Figures can be broken down by fiscal year.

    - Detailed planning which is both cost element and period based.

    - Unit costing, using a profile to enter quantities (materials, internal activities, external services, ...) for each WBS element. This type of planning is
     cost element based.

    - Easy cost planning offers an easy-to-use tool to plan costs by cost
     elements in a quantity structure.

  2. Automatic cost planning using networks and assigned orders

    In Cost planning using networks, costs are automatically calculated based on the resource requirements identifies for network activities and operations. This type of planning has the following advantages :

    - The resulting plan data can be copied to new projects.

    - If parts of the project are rescheduled, cost planning is shifted automatically with activities.

    - Costs for network activities are planned by cost element and period

Planned costs of assigned orders :

WBS elements identified as account assignment can also be assigned orders other than networks such as Internal orders, service and maintenance orders or production orders.

The assignment to the WBS elements can be stored manually in the order or created automatically.

A plant maintenance order can derive the assignment to a WBS element from the functional location. The prerequisite to this being that the WBS element is already stored in this functional location.

Production orders referencing project stocks are automatically assigned to the respective stock-holding WBS elements.

Depending on the order category, different options for cost planning are available. Internal orders use the same forms of cost planning as WBS elements. Planned costs for maintenance and production orders are calculated in a similar way as the planned costs of networks. 

Planning statistical key figures :

Statistical key figures (SKF) are statistically measurable values which can be applied to projects, cost centers, profit centers, internal orders or business processes. In the Project System module they allow to monitor specific units, such as mileage spent, number of project team members, etc...

The actual planning process for SKF is similar to detailed cost planning

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