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  • How to find all material available in a certain plant :

In transaction SE16N enter table MARC and enter plant number in the corresponding field :

  • Enter initial stock for a material :

Run transaction MB1C and follow steps below :

  • Error "Posting only possible in periods 2019/09 and 2019/08 in company code 3000"

Run transaction MMPV and enter company code and current period/year as shown below :

  • You cannot post to asset in company code 3000 fiscal year 2019 (A fiscal year change has not yet been performed in Asset Accounting for company code 3000).

This error can occur when you try to settle costs from WBS to AUC. Below are the steps to resolve this :

- Run transaction AJRW. (If the previous fiscal year for assets is not closed, first close it via transaction AJAB)


Note : Just like you perform FI year end closing, in the similar way you also need to carry out Asset Year end closing and SAP recommends that Asset Year closing should be performed first and only then FI Year end closing as this will ensure that all unposted Asset or unposted depreciation is also accounted for.

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